Young Artist Collegiate Program

VAM’s Young Artist Collegiate Program (YACP) is designed to give musically exceptional high school students a head start into college-level studies. Students will study under the inspirational direction of some of Vancouver’s leading instructors and will have opportunities to perform in many situations, giving them valuable insight into the life of a professional musician.

In this advanced and intensive program, students will take college-level courses in the areas of theory, history and ear training in addition to private lessons and ensembles. Credits are part of the Music Performance Diploma program at VAM’s S. K. Lee College and may in some circumstances count as credit toward a Bachelor of Music Degree.

Eligibility Requirements

High school students entering grades 8 through 12 (or ages 13 to 18) with a proven record of exceptional musical achievement.

For applicants in Strings and Piano, we recommend a playing level of RCM Grade 10 or equivalent.  In other disciplines–Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Guitar, Voice and Composition–teacher recommendations will be the basis of acceptance for audition.

Admission Requirements
1. Audition (by video submission–two contrasting works not to exceed a combined duration of 15 minutes.)
2. Completed YACP application form
3. $100.00 application fee
4. School transcript
5. Two letters of recommendation from professional musicians, either teachers or performers (Download the Evaluation Form)
6. If high school is not in English or entrance audition procedure shows problems with English, proof of English language proficiency will be required.

Annual Fees, 2024-2025

The following VAM Tuition Fees are for two 16-week semesters, from September through June. The program can be taken for one, two, three or four years, while the student is in high school.

  • $4405 tuition (students can apply for tuition scholarships and bursaries–see below)
  • Administrative fee: $80

Important Dates
Application deadline: May 15 for intake the following September

Theory Placement Test day: Saturday, June 1, 2024

YACP Theory Placement Test

The YACP Theory Placement Test involves basic music theory tasks such as writing scales, identifying intervals and chords, and completing bars with rests.  There is one short 4-part harmonization for people with harmony training, a brief test of knowledge of repertoire, and a writing question to demonstrate English skills.

YACP Scholarships and Bursaries

All YACP students are eligible to apply for VAM’s college scholarships and bursaries, using forms posted on below.  Students will not be awarded financial assistance unless they apply.  Application deadline for the fall of 2024 will be June 10, 2024.

1. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the student’s positive impact on the program and academic success, as well as musical talent and achievements.  Students are asked to supply teacher recommendations as part of their scholarship application.  Scholarship awards may cover up to 100% of tuition costs.

*Download YACP scholarship application

2. Bursaries consider financial need as well as academic and artistic performance—students are asked to supply tax statements from their parents in support of their bursary application.

*Download YACP bursary application

YACP Program Outline

Year One

Music Theory I MUS 101 3
Ear Training I MUS 121 1
Music History I   MUS 131 3
Applied Music (private lesson) MUS 141 4
Piano Class OR Ensemble (orchestra) MUS 141a, OR

MUS 161

Chamber Music (optional)*
Total Year Credits 12

*YACP tuition covers up to 12 one-hour chamber music coaching sessions per term for students enrolled in Chamber Music through YACP. Each student is covered to play in one group per semester. Students can add more sessions or groups by applying and paying at the Front Desk.

**When there is a sufficient number of interested students, the YACP program offers Composition 153 or 154 and/or Orchestration 371 or 372.

Year Two

Music Theory II MUS 102 3
Ear Training II MUS 122 1
Music History II MUS 132 3
Applied Music (private lesson) MUS 142 4
Piano Class, OR

Ensemble (orchestra)

MUS 142a, OR

MUS 162

Chamber Music (optional)
Total Year Credits 12

Year Three

Music Theory III MUS 201 3
Ear Training III MUS 221 1
Music History III MUS 231 3
Applied Music (private lesson) MUS 241 4
Piano Class, OR

Ensemble (orchestra)

MUS 241a, OR

MUS 261

Chamber Music (optional)
Total Year Credits 12

Year Four

Music Theory IV MUS 202 3
Ear Training IV MUS 222 1
Music History IV MUS 232 3
Applied Music (private lesson) MUS 242 4
Piano Class, OR

Ensemble (orchestra)

MUS 242a, OR

MUS 262

Chamber Music (optional)
Total Year Credits 12