International Students

VAM/S.K. Lee College encourages all qualified international students to apply.  Students who are not Permanent Canadian Residents may be admitted only if they have legal status in British Columbia for the duration of their proposed studies.

Canada Study Permit

To find out more about an international Study Permit, see Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration website under “Study”:

Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance for their full period of study at VAM.  After  living in British Columbia for three months, you can receive BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) health insurance .  For more information, contact us: [email protected]


VAM does not provide accommodation.  If you require assistance with this aspect of your studies, you can contact us: [email protected]

English Language Requirements

Applicants must possess a level of English fluency which will make it possible for them to meet successfully course requirements in music as well as those in other disciplines.

See “Admissions” for details on English proficiency requirements